OMS Spam, Phishing, and Malware Warning

OMS Spam Phishing Malware Warning

Be Careful What You Open and Click!

Online Media Solutions would like to remind its customers and followers about the importance of cyber security and cyber vigilance. As well as protecting your computer and devices with a protection package, it is also important to remain highly vigilant as far as emails and messages are concerned.

When you receive an email or a message before clicking any links/buttons or taking any action it is important to:

  1. Check the sender's details to verify that it is genuine.
  2. Even if you are aware of the sender's identity, check their company policy to see what kind of information they send out. Think about what they are likely to do and not do.
  3. If anybody sends you an invoice via email always check before making any payments even if you know them. Take note that if you pay an invoice that isn't genuine, the likelihood of you recovering your money is minimal.
  4. If a message seems odd, random or unusual in any way with a contact or organization you work with, then check before taking any action.

If you click a link that is not genuine, you may expose yourself to hackers or cyber thieves, and there is a good chance you could lose important data, software or hardware.

Whilst many of us live busy lives, it is easy to get carried away and go into auto pilot. It's important to be aware of online security risks and take time to avoid malicious attacks.

One example of a security risk I have recently come across was a Youtube link sent from a friend's messenger captioned 'did you know you were on this?'. The next day he posted on Facebook to announce that he had been hacked and warned his friends about it. This particular friend on Facebook is not someone I know well or associate with so I knew that it was suspect because he is not a guy that would send me something like this. We are not in the same circles although I did think more than twice about clicking on it. If he were someone I messaged daily I may have just clicked the link without thinking. My heart would be beating fast thinking what am I doing on Youtube! It is understandable that people will and do fall for it. This scam video is obviously click-bait, and clicking on the video may have resulted in a malware attack.

To summarize, embrace the digital change that we'll continue to encounter, keep up to date with technology, and keep your cyber security as tight as possible. Be aware of potential threats and always take your time and think things through before acting upon something. This will help to keep your data, sensitive information, and internet devices safe and secure.

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